Tangoxposed : A Tango Treat for Jakarta Residence


Looking for a little sizzle this weekend? Tango, the sensual, romantic dance renowned in Argentina, brings spice to Jakarta from November 9-11, packaged with the program such as painting, photographic exhibition and workshop. The event is sponsored by Tango Bali Club and IODI (Indonesia Dance Organisation).

Ogie Mendoza, an organizer of the event explain, the objective of the event is to promote tango dance to residence of Jakarta.

Ogie said the fun of  Tangoxposed at Rumah Maroko is open to novices and experts alike.

All you need is two feet and able to dance.

Tango’s cheek-to-cheek nature means a total connection between dance partners. Dancers find themselves, eyes closed, being carried across the floor.

“You’re literally in a close embrace,”  he said.

“It’s such a close connection that you’re not dancing with someone, you’re dancing on top of someone.”

In Indonesia, tango dance still in the beginning period. It first introduce last year in Jakarta, when there is a tango dance group visit Indonesia as a part of fundraising event for a charity foundation.

But in Bali, the tango club already exist for two and half years in Sanur, with 50 members from various nationality such as Indonesian, Germany, Argentinian and Japanese.

For this event, the organizer invite two international Argentinian tango dancer, Roberto Reis and Margarita Klurfan.

Roberto started his career in 1981, and has toured forty five countries for teaching and performing in places like the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

He became judge for the 3rd International Tango Festival organized by the city government of Buenos Aires in 2005. 

Margarita Klurfan, at first she had a thorough education in ballet, but then vowed to Argentine tango.

She involved in an activity as a dancer in shows and performances, both live and for TV and cinema screens, She also worked on a documentary on Eva Peron’s life, together with actress Akiko Kuno, and under the direction of Hideya Yamaguchi for NHK.

Ogie said maybe some people ask what is a difference of Tango and Salsa.

He elaborate that Salsa is really fast and happy and fun.

But Tango is much more serious, the dancing couple translates the music into movement, interpreting each role specifically with their masculine and feminine energy, becoming one in the embrace for 3 minutes. 

Although tango has long enjoyed popularity in Latin America, organizers said the genre is still unfamiliar to many in Indonesia.

Art Exhibition

Three days event begins on Friday at 7.30 p.m. with an art exhibit of 12 paintings and 12 photographs made by Stefani K and Rama Surya with title Tiempos de Pasion.

During the exhibition the guest will listen to classical tango music while view artist artworks in between sips of Argentinean wine and delectable canape’s, a finger print.

Gala Dinner Performance

On Saturday, November 10, from 7.30 pm, the organizer present “Casablanca”, a gala dinner performance. On this occasion the guest while they enjoy the dinner, Roberto Reis & Margarita Klurfan will showcase the magic & sophistication of the Argentine  tango as they bring you to an enchanting evening  amidst the pomp and splendor of Casablanca in the 40’s.

In the end, the organizers will clear the chairs for a “milonga,” a traditional social dance.

The Workshops

an all-levels dance workshop led by Superb performers and professional tango instructors, Roberto Reis together with Margarita Klurfan gives an in-depth study on understanding the very essence of tango.

In the workshop held in Saturday and Sunday, both instructors will bring the people into the realm of the dance, which highlighting the most important points to define tango elegance. 

On Saturday, from 11 am till 4.30 pm the lesson are expressing yourself in your walk, understanding weight changes for precision and elegance and giros with ganchos.

On Sunday, start from 10.30 am till 5.30 pm, the lesson are ladies techniques – men’s techniques, effortless front and back sacadas, wow moves for showcasing and stage performance, lifts and jumps to impress.

Further info,
Suzan Sambuaga, suzanna_sambuaga@hotmail.com

The Venue:
Rumah Maroko,
Jl Tasikmalaya 4-6, Jakarta – Menteng
Phone :  021-3151106/7


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