October motorcycle sales down 12 pct due to holidays

A report by the Indonesian Motorcyle Industry Association (AISI) has shown motorcycle sales in October dropped 12 percent from the previous month.

Motorcycles sales fell to 422,382 unit in October from 478,853 unit in September, but sales in October were higher than the 349,365 unit sold in the same month a year ago.

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) deputy president Siswanto Prawiroatmojo said Wednesday (14/11) weaker sales in October had been expected because there was two-week holiday during the month for the Eid-al Fitr celebrations.

Honda maintained its dominant position for the three straight month with a market share of 50.7 percent.

Sales of Honda motorcycles fell to 214,098 unit in October from 239,267 unit in September. Yamaha and Suzuki were the second and third biggest-selling brands. Yamaha commanded a market share of 34.4 percent and Suzuki, 13.6 percent.


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