WWF Indonesia : Climate change threatens the future of human and nature

WWF Indonesia : Climate change threatens the future of human and nature

A new report – Climate Change in Indonesia – Implications for Human and Nature, says that the devastating impact of climate change is already evidence in Indonesia and would likely worsen and threatens the future of human and nature.

The report released in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/28) by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) said climate change has affected the country water and food availability and consequently causing uncertain ability to produce agricultural goods,economic instability and drastically increase undernourish people.

The report also said that approximately 60% of all Indonesians live in coastal areas and low-lying coastal cities like Jakarta and Surabaya will be further affected by sea level rise in the near future and the change of the sea-level, will result in significant looses of Indonesia’s 80,000 km of coastline, thousand of islands and the associated marine resources.
Mubariq Ahmad, Executive Director WWF Indonesia said the Indonesian government must take its role seriously and lead the way in the fight against global climate change.

Ahmad also urge that Indonesia must take action now, putting climate adaptation into the development agenda, promoting sustainable land use, as well as demanding support from industrialized nations.

(Writer, Arry Raymond)


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