Madame Martini at Bacchus Intercontinental Hotel


Madame Martini at Bacchus
Intercontinental Hotel

From February 2008, Bachus of Hotel Intercontinental at lowerground level start a Martini Promotion for Ladies with title “Madame Martini Night”.

This promotion held every friday on first, second and third week of each month from 6 pm to 8 pm.

According to Muhammad Fahmi, Bachus Assistant Manager, this promo is a response of increasing demand among women in Jakarta for martini.

Bachus provide 24 kind of Sweet and Dry Martini such as ice wine martini (inniskillin, vidal, ice wine and vodka), blue lagoon (vodka, blue curacao and dry vermouth), tequini martini (tequilla and dry vermouth, orange bitter), amber martini (vodka, grand mornier, chill green tea) and mintini (vodka and creme de menthe) with price from Rp 75,000++ until Rp 120,000++ and for ladies on Madame Martini’s Night get a 50 percent discount.

During drink the martini the customer will get free pass around tapas as a complementary finger food which consist chicken quesadillas, prawn cocktail, mixed forest mushroom, cheddar cheese and breaded salmon patties.

Intercontinental Hotel

Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Phone : 2510888 ext 6901

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