Electronic Products Price will Rise up 10%

Electronic Products Price will Rise up 10%

Electronic Marketer Club (EMC) said electronic product price in 2nd quarter of 2008 will rise 3%-10%, cause some domestic manufacturers unable to cope with material cost pressure that increase up to 10%.

Even, PT LG Electronic Indonesia (LGEIN) gradually from March 2008 had increase list price for some home appliance products such as refrigerator, AC and washing machine.

Budi Setiawan General Manager Sales and Marketing LGEIN (04/16) said we had try to keep the price but increase on basic material cost such as special steel, parts and plastic in early 2008, bring pressure for LGEIN to rise up the listprice around 3%-7%.

Handojo Soetanto Secretary General EMC said product price increase is a must to balance jump up on production and transportation cost.

Even so, EMC had forecasted that price increase will not give a bad affect to consumer buying power as long as the manufacturer increase the price gradually.

There are an anxiety among manufacturers on sales for 2nd quarter of 2008. but EMC keep optimist that the 10% sales increase could be reach.

The situation reflected in electronic product sales realisation for 1st quarter 2008 that had 10% steady increase compared with 1st quarter 2007.

Based on EMC data, electronic product sales in March increase 17,25% with amount 1.038.216 unit against March 2007 sales that was 885.446 unit. limited supply of made in China product had boost local electronic product sales.

Beside, out of Java island 30% sales increase had jack up the national sales.

In March, the biggest sales increase was television product with 31,2% or 422.138 unit from 321.701 unit, followed with washing machine 28,9% or sold 98.478 unit from 76.380 unit in March 2007.


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  1. Kemas Yulius says:

    bolehka kami meminta alamat (contact) Electronic Marketer Club

    terima kasih

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