Trans-Java Toll Road Land Capping Only 7%

Trans-Java Toll Road Land Capping Only 7%

Indonesia Government until mid April 2008 had release 325 hectare land or 7% of total 4.734,48 hectare land needed to build 10 sections of trans Java toll road.

Wijaya Seta Sub directorate Chief Directorate General Highway Public Work Ministry (04/22) said the land capping process slowed down cause the investor unable to allocate the budget for land, eventhough some land ready for sale.

For example, 116 kilometer long Cikopo-Palimanan section managed by PT Lintas Marga Sedaya, so far had release 11 hectare with amount IDR 107 billion. the area that had been release is Majalengka. Purwakarta, Subang and Cirebon still under socialisation and stock taking process.

The fastest land capping process is Kanci-Pejagan section which had reach 98% and PT Semesta Marga Raya (SMR) as a developer in these section could start construction work.

For land capping of this section, SMR use IDR 65 billion Public Service Agency (BLU) fund from IDR 122 billion that planned.

For Pejagan-Pemalang section (57 kilometer) managed by PT Pejagan Pemalang Toll Road and Pemalang-Batang section (39 kilometer)
managed by PT Pemalang Batang Toll Road have no finance yet.

In Batang-Semarang section (75 kilometer) managed by PT Marga Setiapuritama, the process just begin the socialisation phase.

The slowest process is Semarang-Solo section managed by PT Jasa Marga. whereas Solo-Mantingan section (58 kilometer) and Mantingan-Ngawi-Kertosono section (111 kilometer) will be managed by government with state budget financing.

Kertosono-Mojokerto section (41 kilometer) managed by PT Marga Hanurata Intrinsic had release 14 hectare from total 292 hectare that needed, while Mojokerto-Surabaya section (37 kilometer) had 27 hectare release with value IDR 78 billion and use BLU fund IDR 23 billion.


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