Car Sales Jump 46% in April

Car Sales Jump 46% in April

April 2008 car sales realisation jump 46% compare with same period in previous year, from 35.212 unit to 51.500 unit, though april year on year high inflation that were 8,96%.

Johnny Darmawan Vice Chairman Gaikindo said some ATPM (brand holding sole agents) plan to raise the car price stimulate consumer to speed up purchasing.

Beside, price hike of some commodities boost commercial vehicle sales such as truck and pick up.

Based on data from Gaikindo member, if compared with March 2008, April car market rose 10% from 46.720 unit. Until April 2008, total Indonesia car sales had reach 187.107 unit bounche up 56% compared with same period in previous year that were 119.549 unit.

The biggest sales were Toyota which sold 17.890 unit with 34,7% market share. Mitsubishi in the second place with 7.930 unit, control 15,4% market share.

Daihatsu on third with sales 7.007 unit and 13,6% market share. Fourth place is Suzuki with 11,5% market share or 5.920 unit. while Honda follow on fifth with sales 3.900 unit, down 10,1% compared with March that sold 4.339 unit.

Meanwhile, Johnny evaluate that government plan to raise oil fuel price in next june will cut car market growth in 2008 that forecast will grow 10% to 470-480 thousand unit, below 500.000 unit of Gaikindo target.

In 2007, car market had book 434.449 unit, rose 36% compared with 318.904 unit in 2006.

Johnny further said oil fuel price rise effect could be feel by the consumer one month after its raise and its also depend on how big the percentage.

Johnny said market correction could be happen for three month and after that car market would be recover from the pressure. in the end of the year, 2008 car market could reach plus/minus 10% of 500.000 unit.

Johnny add ATPM basically could accept government-plan oil fuel price rise cause it looks more effective compare with using smart card.

Jonfis Fandi Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor also comment on oil fuel price rise, he assess the oil fuel price rise, the rise about 20-%30%, will not shake car market like in 2006. cause at that time, government raise the price about 129%.


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