Banks Asset Down in Q1 2008

Banks Asset Down in Q1 2008

Bank Indonesia Q1 2008 report shows capital adequacy ratio (CAR) for end March 2008 were 17,4% down compared with February which 17,7%.

In the report,  counting asset is the asset which include in first tier such as paid in capital. although CAR in the end of Q1 2008 was the lowest since 2006, but the CAR figure still two times higher compare with BI minimum requirement that is 8%.

The CAR decrease looks justify the warn released by BI last month. if the global financial situation not improve soon and world oil price getting high, BI forecast that bank’s CAR would be subside slowly.

The blow of sluggish world financial market had seen in domestic market recently. Last April, the value of State debt securities (SUN) fall off.

With the decrease of marketable securities such as SUN, automatically bank’s investment value in those instrument also falling down.


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