Software piracy rate down but losses swell

Software piracy rate down but losses swell

The fight against software piracy got a slight progress last year- as the percentage of computers in Indonesia using illegal software fell from 85 per cent in 2006 to 84 per cent.

But software industry financial losses as a result of piracy, however shot up to USD 441 million in 2007.

A 30 per cent growth computer sales in 2007 meant, despite the percentage slight fall, the number of computers using pirated software rose.

These latest statistics are among the findings of the fifth annual ‘Global PC Software Piracy Study’ released this week by Business Software Alliance, software industry watchdog and Interactive Data Corporation (IDC), which monitor software piracy in 108 countries.

Donny A. Sheyoputra, BSA Representative in Indonesia said the study shows Indonesia has taken a step in the right direction but has more work to do in the battle against software piracy.

There are some reasons why piracy continues to be a problem.

Strong PC sales to consumers and small and medium enterprises is a big factor, these buyers more likely to use pirated software than produced by larger, listed companies.

Launches of new software also added to the problem, as people want the latest software and if they can’t buy it, will pirate it.

Broadband penetration is another factor, make it faster for downloading software by peer to peer file sharing.


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