Gadget : HP’s new model cheap but cute

HP’s new model cheap but cute

HP’s new model enter Indonesian market, offer cheap but cute, yet pack enough to support user online on the go.

Marketing Director Imaging Printing Group and Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia, Mariana Kasim said the company targeting youth, mobile professional and fashionistas.

HP 2133 mini-note, the new mini notebook, a scaled down version of the laptop, which has an 8.9 inch screen and runs windows vista software, starts from USD 699, a cut rate deal for users who cannot afford usual USD 1000-USD2000  tag price for thin and light laptops.

Weighing just under 1.2 kg, the mini note is one of the lightest notebook, with solid chassis and attractive look, and the product represent the first time a major computer maker expand its segment to the area which expert see as a new market.

The HP 2133 provides user a sleek, lightweight device that provides access to information and the ability to collaborate with others as well as to communicate via email, instant messaging or even blogging but the only weak point in this notebook is no DVD drive.

The mini note book craze began in 2007, which kicked off by one laptop per child project. since then, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and handfull of other players have introduced their own version of these devices.

In late 2007, Taiwan computer giant scored a hit with its Eee PC, which sold out in several countries within a first week of its launch.

Users who bought the Eee PC have found it handy yet powerful enough on the go, the built in keyboard and screen allow user to type on easily, a PDA like equipment as well as the price.


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