162 Foreign Franchise in Indonesia Without Business Licence

162 Foreign Franchise in Indonesia Without Business Licence

There are 162 foreign franchise operates in Indonesia without business licence and possibly would get Rp 100 million fine which pursuant to government regulation (PP) no 42/2007.

Ardiansyah Parman, Director General of Domestic Trade Ministry of Trade (06/20) said to the investors who would like to be a franchisee, ordered to choose foreign franchise which had franchise business registration certificate (STPUW).

From 250 franchise operates in Indonesia, there are only 88 companies had STPUW, which operating 1.000 outlets and absorp 12.000 workers.

Ardiansyah further mention, those foreign franchise without STPUW from Ministry of Trade had own trade business licence. But pursuant to PP no 42/2007, the franchisor should meet franchise criteria and have to register to ministry of trade to get STPUW.

In the PP it said that to the franchisor who do not registratrate its franchise prospectus offer and to the franchisee who do not register the franchise agreement will get maximum Rp 100 million fined.

Franchise prospectus and agreement registration is a condition to get franchise business licence from ministry of trade.

Based on the regulation, government give the time limit until July 23 2008 to the franchisor and franchisee to register for the licence.

If on that date, not get the licence yet then both party will get the fine.


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