19 Investor Will Finance 10 Integrated City

19 Investor Will Finance 10 Integrated City

19 companies plan to finance 10 integrated city with value IDR 4 trillion.

The companies mostly work in farm and agricultural sector such as palm, rubber, corn, rice and soy bean.

Minister for Labor and Transmigration Erman Suparno in 2006 had announced the plan to develop 20 integrated city. but only 10 location had been confirm got the investment from local investor.

Total investment from 19 investor could be IDR 4 trillion, meanwhile financial investment needed to develop 10 integrated city about IDR 4.7 trillion. the rest, about IDR 672 billion will be provide by government.

Budget structure to build and develop integrated city comes from state budget (30%), local government budget (30%) and investor (40%).

PT Hardaya Inti Plantation and PT Duta Sulawesi Agro plan  to invest about IDR 884.980 billion. the fund will be combine with government budget about IDR 132.747 billion to develop Air Terang region, in Buol Central Sulawesi with total budget over IDR 1 trillion.

PT Buana Makmur Sejahtera will develop Bungku region in Marowali Central Sulawesi with investment IDR 611.210 billion.

PT Agri Bumi Sentosa and PT Citra Kebun Asri will develop Cahaya Baru region in South Kalimantan with investment IDR 275.820 billion.

PT Borneo Palma Prima, PT Karya Sukses Utama Prima and PT Mitra Inti Sejati Plantation will develop Subah region in Sambas West Kalimantan with investment IDR 328.800 billion.

PT Pamor Ganda, PT Agricinal, PTPN VII and PT Sandabi Indah Lestari will develop Lagita region in Bengkulu with investment IDR 827.886 billion.

PT Mitra Aneka Rezeki and PT Agro Industri Sari Bumi will develop Rasau Jaya region in Kubu Raya West Kalimantan with investment IDR 828.210 billion.

PT Bumi Maju Sawit will develop Mahalona region in Luwu Timur South Sulawesi with investm,ent IDR 346.500 billion.

Integrated City project is program that planned by Ministry of Labor and Transmigration with objectives to create agri business and agro industry centers to attract private investment and generate economic in transmigration enclaves.


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