Presidential Regulation on National Social Security Board had Signed

Presidential Regulation on National Social Security Board had Signed

Presiden Yudhoyono had signed presidential regulation on national social security board (DJSN) which had a mission to supervise and evaluate the implementation of social security program which carry out by social security implementing agency (BPJS).

Erman Suparno Minister for Manpower and Transmigration (07/02) said President Yudhoyono had signed, then the next step is the appointment of board member and will continued with socialisation campaign to the citizen.

The member of the board  are 15 people and which consist of 5 representatives from government, 4 representatives from labor union and industrialist and six expert on social security.

For member and institutional operational cost comes from state budget (APBN) and in exercise its task and authority DJSN have to make direct report and responsibilty to the President.

DJSN as a regulator will supervise the implementation of SJSN which carry out by BPJS as social security operator.

There are 4 state companies which appointed as BPJS namely PT Jamsostek, PT Askes, PT Asabri and PT Taspen.

For 2009, the SJSN focus will be on health sector.


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