OECD: Indonesia Should Reach 8,5% Economic Growth

OECD: Indonesia Should Reach 8,5% Economic Growth

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Indonesia should reach 8,5% economic growth annually to reduce poverty and unemployment rate.

Jose Angel Gurria OECD Secretary General (07/24) said to reach 8,5% growth, economic policy should be backed up with political will.

Further, Guria said with consistent economic growth on that level, poverty rate believed to be decrease to 4% from 18% in 2006.

But Guria also admit Indonesia economic performance improvement in last few years.

He gave an example, 2007 economic growth which reach 6,3% or the highest achievement after the crisis.

Guria even estimate Indonesia had graduates from 1997-1998 monetary crisis, which showed by some economic indicator which had reach the same level like the pre-crisis position.

But, he mention the main point is how fast Indonesia move forward because other countries also change and move fast.

OECD also invite Indonesia to be its member. Because Indonesia perceived as the country which have an influence to world economic.

Other countries invited to be OECD member are India, China, South Africa and Brazil. and other countries plan to be invited are Chile, Estonia, Israel, Russia and Slovenia.

So far, OECD had 30 member countries, this group origin come from an organisation to administer the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of europe after world war II, then in 1961 its membership was extended to Non-European states and its the beginning for OECD.


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