Companies Manager Victim at Jakarta’s Marriot Bombing

Some foreign companies manager become victims at Jakarta’s J.W Marriot Hotel bombings on Friday (07/17) morning.

Those manager were attending a monthly breakfast meeting titled ICP Breakfast Roundtable, a private forum where senior executives briefed on important developments by government officials, national leaders and other experts, organized by Castle Asia, a consultancy firm specializing in Indonesia’s political risk and economic forecasting,

The participants who were killed by the explosion are Timothy Mackay (60), a New Zealand citizen President Director of PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Holcim Group, Garth McEvoy (40) an Australian Commercial Manager at PT Thiess Contractor Indonesia, a subsidiary of of Australian Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd and Nathan Verity (38), an Australian Citizen owner of a human resources and recruitment business in Jakarta.

Meanwhile among those injured in the bombing are David Potter, Executive Vice President – Exploration PT Freeport Indonesia, Andrew Cobham, Country Manager PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia, Kevin S Moore, General Manager Husky Oil North Sumbawa Ltd, Mariko Yoshihara, Managing Director PT JAC Indonesia, Gary Ford, General Manager Anadarko Indonesia, Max Boon, Castle Asia and James Castle, Chairman & CEO Castle Asia.

Indonesia Health Ministry has announced Friday afternoon 9 people were killed and 52 people injury from bomb blast at J.W Marriot and nearby Ritz Carlton Hotel.


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